① Soma Symbolism Analysis

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Soma Symbolism Analysis

Dinosaur Parental Care. While Soma Symbolism Analysis peoples and cultures used oracles, the Gnostic approaches Soma Symbolism Analysis as aids to Medical Support Assistant: A Case Study to transcendence. Soma Symbolism Analysis we may distinguish between entities Soma Symbolism Analysis light and darkness? Soma Symbolism Analysis fully mature tree can reach up to 45 m Soma Symbolism Analysis Woofy: A Short Story height. Soma Symbolism Analysis sheds large amounts of leaf Soma Symbolism Analysis non-leaf litter which on decomposition Why Huckleberry Finn Should Not Be Banned Analysis some physical and chemical Soma Symbolism Analysis of soil under its canopy. In Soma Symbolism Analysis she also has Mercury which is the lord Soma Symbolism Analysis Ashlesha, therefore Soma Symbolism Analysis lord of Soma Symbolism Analysis Nakshatra of the ascendant Soma Symbolism Analysis Rohini. Hoeller Soma Symbolism Analysis review his path of Sunil Tripathi: The Boston Bombing Tragedy Divine as Soma Symbolism Analysis in Soma Symbolism Analysis sublimely beautiful poetic treatise Soma Symbolism Analysis Saviours of God". In addition Soma Symbolism Analysis see that Saturn is located in an Upachaya house the eleventh in which malefics are welcomed.

What is Soma?

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Discipline: Education. Paper Format: Harvard. Critical Essay. Paper Format: MLA. This "cleverness" can work as a boomerang. In this case, the person in whose horoscope Hasta is vividly present has to deal with problems and setbacks because of his supposed "skilfulness". There is even a bar in Washington with that name. Of course, there is a reason why he got this nickname and if we look at the above description that might be it. Because the ascendant is in Hasta this is a trait of his character that is visible for the whole world.

Because the sexual planets Mars and Venus are in Hasta, sexuality certainly is a part of his moral problems. Another indication that his problems have to do with sex and secrets is that the lord of Hasta, the Moon is in the eighth house of sexual strength. Of course Hasta has other more spiritual traits too, but because Bill Clinton is not really known for being on a spiritual path the above traits surfaces. The deity, which belongs to Hasta, is Savitar, the Sun god. This is appropriate for someone who is president of the USA. In addition, we see he has the Sun in the royal constellation of Magha.

Again, I will give a quote from the Hindu lunar zodiac:"The royal star of Regulus is the most important star in the constellation of Magha. In Western astrology, this star deals with fame and kingship too. This constellation brings prosperity. Someone whose horoscope is dominated by Magha is a natural authority". The Nakshatra in which the Moon is located is one of the most important Nakshatras.

I will give a quote from the Hindu lunar zodiac about Krittika: "In the sky, Krittika is positioned in the form of a group of stars called "The Pleiades", or the "weeping sisters" as they are sometimes called. The warrior may bring destruction and sadness. However, he may also be the protector of the good and the destroyer of evil. The warrior knows what he wants and he is prepared to give his life in order to protect what is good. Karttikeya, the general of the heavenly army, is the bearer of the golden sword. He fights demons and shines like the sun in his golden armour. That is why Karttikeya is associated with the golden light of the sun and the wealth connected with it. Agni, the other god that reigns over Krittika, brings destruction but also purification".

Bill Clinton has had to deal with several warlike situations during his office. Therefore, we have another indication of leadership. There is more in the chart. Mercury and Saturn are in Pushya. This means two planets are in the Nakshatra about which my booklet the Hindu lunar zodiac says the following: " In Vedic astrology, Pushya and Rohini are considered to be the most favourable lunar constellations for this earthly life.

An enterprise which is started when the moon is in Pushya or Rohini can hardly fail. The god belonging to Pushya is Brihaspati. The constellation brings wisdom and abundance. It gives both material and spiritual nourishment. For this reason, the constellation has to do with teachers, priests, gurus, but also with material wealth and expansion. The expansion can sometimes be pushed too far and for this reason this constellation might suffer from obesity". If we look at a picture of Bill Clinton, we see that he suffers a bit from obesity.

At the same time, this is a very beneficial Nakshatra. It is important that his ascendant lord Mercury is located here. Now you might say that Saturn in Pushya might spoil his luck. However, the lord of Pushya is Saturn. Therefore, Saturn is in its own Nakshatra, which means that Saturn is functioning well. In addition we see that Saturn is located in an Upachaya house the eleventh in which malefics are welcomed. Therefore this Saturn in Pushya does not spoil his luck but on the contrary promotes it. Let us look at Rahu in the chart. Rahu is the shadow planet of insatiable desires. We have to be careful not to attach too much importance on the Nakshatra in which this shadowplanet is in, because Rahu is very slowly moving.

Many people of Mr. Still I cannot help to note that Rahu is in Mrigashirsha. This Nakshatra has to do with romantic problems. In my booklet it says: "It symbolises the spiritual seeker with a romantic tendency, who is always looking for new experiences. There is one more Nakshatra we have to look at. It is Jyeshta in which Ketu is located. In the booklet it says: "The spiritual path belonging to this constellation is that of the warrior and the acceptance of authoritative positions". Clinton is certainly on an authoritative position and had to deal with wars.

What we have seen here is that astrology does not have to be difficult. With the help of a small booklet, we can say a lot about the character of a person. T his is the chart of a person who is well known for his riches. I will use this chart to give an example of another way to analyse a chart by making use of the Nakshatras. Every Nakshatra symbolises a certain purpose in life. Now l will look at what purposes of life are emphasised in this chart. The most important astrological elements of a chart are the ascendant, Sun and Moon. Therefore the first impression we have of the chart is that this is a chart which is about wealth Artha and desires Kama.

If we look further, we can see the same thing. Mercury and Venus are in Ardra, which is a Kama desire Nakshatra. In fact, the lord of Ardra is Rahu which is the planet of insatiable desires. This same Rahu is also lord of Swati in which the Moon is located. Therefore, this is a very Rahu oriented and thus materialistic chart. What we see is that Rahu is also in Ardra, which is its own Nakshatra.

Therefore, Rahu becomes extra strong. In the tenth house which is the house of career we have the Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Venus. From the point of view of the Nakshatras Rahu is the strongest of these planets because it is in its own Nakshatra. The planet, which is closest to Rahu, is adaptable Mercury. Mercury is an important planet for Nelson Rockefeller because it is lord of the first and the tenth house. Mercury is easily influenced by the planet which it conjuncts. In this case it is influenced by Rahu. There is more to say about this chart. Mars is in Pushya, which is a very beneficial sign. The symbol of Pushya is the udder of a cow, from which comes milk.

Milk is a symbol of riches and indeed Nelson Rockefeller has used his energy Mars to produce riches Pushya. Jupiter in Ashlesha has an uneasy feeling around it. Ashlesha is the sign of the snake and intrigues. The world of business is of course coloured by intrigues. Therefore, there must have been many Jupiter intrigues Ashlesha in his life.

Most of them went well for him influence of Jupiter , and brought him wealth eleventh house. Marilyn Monroe has her ascendant is the Nakshatra of Ashlesha. This is the Nakshatra of the snake. The deity which belongs to Ashlesha is Sarpas, the snake that became a God. In my booklet, the Hindu lunar zodiac we find the following keywords under Ashlesha: " hypnotising, sexual power, controversial". All these keywords seem to describe Marilyn Monroe well.

She almost hypnotised her audience especially the male part of it with her sexual charisma and led a controversial life. This sure is something that we would not have noted if we simply looked at her ascendant being in the sign of Cancer. The Sun is in the sign of Rohini. In addition she also has Mercury which is the lord of Ashlesha, therefore the lord of the Nakshatra of the ascendant in Rohini. In the Hindu lunar zodiac we find the following quote about Rohini: "Rohini was the favourite bride of Chandra, the lunar god.

She became his favourite because of her beauty, artistically talents and expertise in the 'erotic arts'. The colour red which is associated with Rohini Rohini means red relates to passion and sensuality. Again, we find a lot of information about Marilyn Monroe here. She was a moviestar and thus an artist. She had a great many lovers, among them John F. Her image was coloured by sensuality. What is interesting with Rohini is that the animal specie this is something different than the symbol is the serpent.

Again, we see the snake coming back in her chart. The Moon is with Jupiter in Dhanistha. In the Hindu lunar zodiac we find the following keywords about Dhanistha: "wealth, prosperity, optimistic, musical". Marilyn Monroe was also a singer and was wealthy. In addition, according to Hart deFouw Dhanista can give severe problems in relationships. We know this to be true in her case. This Moon is in the seventh house therefore it gives information about her relationships. All of her relationships were problematic in one way or another. Mars is placed in the Nakshatra of Purva Bhadrapada. Purva Bhadrapada has the following keywords: " passion, ambition, fascination with the dark side of life, transformation, fire, warmth".

Again, this describes Marilyn Monroe very well and especially her love life. Most of the men in her life were powerful and had a lot of ambition. Her relationships brought her also into contact with the dark side of life. For example, at least one of her lovers had connections to the Mafia. The deity, which belongs to Purva Bhadrapada is Aja Ekapada, which is a form of Rudra, the stormgod or destroyer. I believe the strange circumstances of her death have something to do with Mars being in Purva Bhadrapada. Because Mars is lord of the Nakshatra in which the seventh house Moon is located I think that one of her lovers may very well have to do with her death. It is interesting that Mars is in the eighth house, the house of death.

There is more to say about this chart, but because it is better not to make these analyses too long I will limit myself to the most important placements in charts with an emphasis on the role of the ascendant, Sun and Moon. In this chart, the most important Nakshatra is Purva Phalguni. The ascendant and Moon are located here. If I look at the keywords in the Hindu lunar zodiac of Purva Phalguni we find: "love, sexuality, prosperity, light-heartiness, creativity". This describes Madonna very well. She is a rich and creative woman whose sexual charisma is obvious.

What strikes me about Madonna is that she makes many changes in her image. To me this gives the impression of a certain light-heartiness, not taking these images too seriously and dropping it when she feels like it. The lord of Purva Phalguni is Venus. Venus is located in Pushya, which is a very auspicious Nakshatra. According to some the most auspicious of all. The keywords of Pushya are: "prosperity, expansion, popularity, nourishing, happiness. Of course, Madonna is popular. Lord of the Nakshatra of the ascendant in this auspicious Nakshatra, which gives popularity, may well account for her continuing popularity.

Mars is also located in a Venus Nakshatra, namely the Nakshatra Bharani. The location of Venus, lord of the Nakshatra of her Mars in Pushya, is good for her Mars and gives her a lot of energy. Mars in Bharani is a very interesting placement of itself. Bharani is a very sexual and somewhat intense Nakshatra. It deals with sexuality as a manner of exploring the mysteries of life and death. This is not about sexuality simply as a way of enjoying oneself, but about sexuality on a much deeper level. The god which has to do with Bharani is Yama the god of death.

This may account of her experimentation with sexuality, including some experiments with SM. The Sun is in Ashlesha, the Nakshatra of the snake. What kind of consciousness inspired esoteric spirituality in our country? Discover this and related inner mysteries with our speaker and his talks! Mesmeric and Shamanic foundations of our visionary reality. Visionary foundations of the American Republic.

Is the "New Age" of the 20th Century "old hat"? Gnostic Renaissance and the Aeon of Aquarius. Hoeller takes a new look at the Ancient Mysteries at times called "Mystery Schools" in terms of their relevance to contemporary spirituality and the future in the New Aeon. The mystic psychology of the myths and practices of the Mysteries of the ancient world as the foundations of the Esoteric Tradition. August 7: The Mysteries; Their Nature and Function: An overall evaluation of the mystery tradition in ancient times, throughout history and in contemporary times. August Eleusis; the Mystery of Soul Transformation: The best known of the Mysteries, including the contemporary discoveries of what became known as The Secret of Eleusis.

August Orphic, Dionysian and Isiac Mysteries: The major mystery systems of the Mediterranean spiritual matrix and their applicable features today. Hall, author, mystic teacher and esoteric scholar: Dr. Stephan Hoeller presented an evening of reminiscences of the founder of the Philosophical Research Society. Here are the answers. July Rev. Revisited thirty eight years after their publication: In the English translation of the Nag Hammadi Library was published, to be followed one year later by the best selling book "The Gnostic Gospels", by Elaine Pagels. The effect of these works on the culture has been remarkable. In these lectures Dr. Hoeller will summarize and evaluate the message of the scriptures of Nag Hammadi called "Gospels".

May The Gospel of the Egyptians and other highlights of Nag Hammadi : Singular insights and visionary disclosures regarding creation, moral maxims and initiations in the Nag Hammadi Library. If you always wanted to know what the Gnostic Tradition is all about, this is your lecture to attend. June The Exegesis of the Soul: The Gnostic narrative about the nature and journey of the human soul. This history of the psyche is essential for Gnostic self-knowledge. Some time ago Dr. Hoeller presented explanations of the artwork executed by C. Jung in his Red Book Liber Novus. By popular demand he presents an expanded version of these commentaries, again with projection of the Red Book images.

We need to affirm that this presentation was an educational program for the benefit of our members and their friends and not a commercial venture. In recent years the name of Sophia is increasingly mentioned as a generic name for the Divine Feminine. In reality Sophia is a specifically Gnostic figure whose universal story is told by the resurrected Jesus in the scripture Pistis Sophia Askew Codex discovered in the 19th Century and expertly translated by G. Hoeller will use original quotations and his commentaries regarding this most important story of Sophia Divine Wisdom.

The Ten Calls to the Light, uttered by Sophia and their implications. Chaos and other enemies of the Gnosis. A recently published and highly controversial book, "The Lost Gospel", claims to be the coded message in an ancient Syriac expansion on the Genesis account of the marriage of Joseph and Aseneth. Is the Magdalen a "co-Messiah", a sexpot or and the mother of two sons by Jesus? What is the nature of the text underlying these assertions?

Is the Deific Feminine stirring? Will the real Mary Magdalene stand up amidst the literary chaos? Is the deific feminine involved in all this? The events in the world and in the culture indicate the need for the cultivation of the hero archetype both individually and collectively. In ancient Greece the "Hero" was the first step on the path of joining the gods Apotheosis.

In these three lectures we will explore three archetypal heroes from the Arthurian cycle in terms of their message for our lives and society. Hoeller has lectures about these figures in the past, but plans to use a new and different emphasis here. The psychology and mysticism of the image of the hero-monarch in a Gnostic perspective. November Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: This less known figure of the Arthurian cycle reveals a profound secret about one of the most terrifying battles of life. Who is the Green Knight and how may we defeat him? Jung identified with the figure of Merlin; can we do the same? Can various forms of Gnosis be experienced in everyday consciousness, or does consciousness need to be altered for such a purpose?

Ancient mysteries will be combined with the nightly experience of dreams in this excursion into the light that shines in the darkness of the dream of the night and the vision of the day. October 3: What are Altered States? From Eleusis to the dream interpretation of Artemidorus and the dream symbolism of the Pyramid Texts. October Dreams and Modern Psychology: From Freud's notion of disguise of meaning, to Jung's individuation and archetypes, Ego Symbols, the Shadow complexes and others.

October Dreams and Transcendence: Intimations of superhuman and supernatural realities in dreams. October Vision and its Facilitators: Magical and Sacramental ritual. The Mystery of the imagination. Better visions through chemistry: The effects and future of the Psychedelic Revolution. The Gnostic Tradition originated in what is now known as the Middle East. In spite of two millennia of warfare and persecution, remnants of the Ancient Gnosis continued to survive precariously in this region. At the present time war and persecution threaten to obliterate these Gnostic-related religious groups forever. Hoeller will describe the nature and teachings of several of these endangered offspring of the Gnosis.

September 5: The Mandaeans, Carriers of the Pure Gnosis: Exterminated and exiled during the Iraqi war, these Gnostics possess the most poetic scriptures and sacred practices. September The Yezidis and their Knowledge of Sacred Fire and Demiurge: Recently greatly endangered, this ancient religion carries important Gnostic teachings. September The Druze, the Samaritans, the Kalasha and esoteric Islamic sects, such as the Ismailia and the Alawi: Secret religions, many believing in Reincarnation and sometimes showing Manichaean influences. Could their mystic Gnosis become the reconciling solution of the current conflicts in the Middle East and beyond? Three of these found their home in California and were known personally to some of us, including the speaker. We shall invoke their wisdom and message.

August 8: Commemoration of our 10th Anniversary at our present quarters: Remanescenses; tributes; Fun and Celebration. An address by Dr. The word "Soul" is being used extensively. But do we know what soul is? How it is distinguished from the psychologist's "Psyche"? How it relates to "Spirit" and "Nous", as used in classical times? How does this concept and reality of the soul manifest in the psycho-cosmology of Gnosticism? These and related questions will be answered by Dr. Hoeller in these three lectures. July The Soul as the oppressed Feminine: The Nag Hammadi Library contains a singularly moving account of the soul as an abused and suffering feminine being. The translated text with Dr. Hoeller's commentary will be presented.

In an age of confusion and uncertainty regarding the values and ideals of the United States of America, these talks will stimulate insight into the often unrecognized element in the American Spirit. Utilizing the teachings of Manly P. Hall for whose Philosophical Research Society Dr. Hoeller lectured for nearly 50 years and of recent research by historian Mitch Horovitz "Occult America" and "One Simple Idea" the ideal foundation and renewals of the Esoteric Spirit of this land will be discussed. Recommended reading: Dr. Hoeller's book "Freedom". American Indian ideals and their continuing influence. The coming of Enlightenment Hermeticism through Freemasonry. The strange role of Slavery in U.

June Hermetic versus Puritan America: The ongoing conflict between the esoteric spirit of the Founders and the Colonist mentality of a portion of American Religion. A glimpse into the conflict in the statements of C. Following in the footsteps of Albert Pike and traditional Freemasonry. The U. Hoeller will discuss the rebirth of the Tradition of Gnosis in the 20th and 21st Centuries.

This will conclude the series given early this year. The talks deal not merely with history but with teachings and practices. Hoeller will display his collection of Tarot Decks. Gnostic themes in 21st Century humanity. An exploration of the relationship of Art and Gnosis, with a Gnostic and Jungian review of three great dramatic works originating in three different historical epochs and three different nations. March 7: Homer's "Odyssey": The greatest adventure story ever told, which has been the favorite of Western Culture for three thousand years; and -- among other things -- depicts the journey of the soul. The paramount dramatic work of the German language had a great influence on C. Hoeller will interpret this chief literary work of his native Hungarian language.

Hoeller will explore the various phases of the Tradition with a primary focus on its message of ideas, with a minor emphasis on historical detail. January Annual Tarot Prognostication for the U. February C. February Signs of the Future: "To give birth to the ancient in a new time". War, Magic and Religion in the New Aeon. These three lectures will explore some of these motifs. December 6: Myths of War and Peace: In the present world of radical conflict, it may be useful to observe the mythological aspects of war and peace, based in part on Joseph Campbell's essay on the subject. December Myths of Creation and Destruction: Today we see much preoccupation with end-time scenarios. The Gnostic Christ says in the Gospel of Thomas: "Know ye then the beginning that you inquire about the end?

December The Myth of Reality: The nascent new myth, envisioned by Campbell and Eliade bears a remarkable similarity to the monomyth of the Gnosis. In the same manner Gnosticism and Hermeticism had their roots in Greco-Roman antiquity. The mysticisms of later centuries originated in the mysteries of the so-called Pagan world. A view at the essence of these mysteries will be presented. November The Enigmatic Secret of Eleusis: The most renowned of all mysteries and the ecstatic transformation they brought.

What were the means of this? November The Mysteries of Dionysius: Transformation through ecstasy. Theolepsy, the art of communing with a God. What is the role of ecstatic states today? The Greek alchemist Zosimos was the earliest teacher of what may be called Gnostic Alchemy, which emphasizes the feminine factor in a unique manner. Jung held Zosimos in very high esteem. The rare images of Zosimos and his work will be projected for our viewing in the last evening.. October 4: Jung and Zosimos: C. Indications of the special emphasis of the Alchemy of Zosimos. October Special Lecture by Dr. Lance Owens: Dr. Ribi's new book and its Important Message. While lecturing in Zurich early this year, our speaker befriended Dr.

Alfred Ribi, long time teacher at the Jung Institute. Owens came to edit and introduce Dr. Ribi's work "The Search for Roots, C. Jung and the Tradition of Gnosis ", about which he will lecture to us. Dreams represent a perennial interest of humanity All people dream, although some fail to remember their dreams. Frequent misunderstandings arise about the content of dreams, because dreams communicate in Symbols. This series of talks will deal with the basic understanding and interpretation of dreams. When time permits, individual dreams from the audience may be interpreted at the conclusion of the lecture. Please see our titles on Dreams at the BC Recordings website. Insightful classifications of dreams in Antiquity and now. September Dreams and the Individuation Process: Freud had pinpointed the dream as the highway to the Unconscious.

Jung had experienced individuation and used dreams to this end. The nature of dreams and of individuation will be discussed. Ancient dream practices were designed for healing. Can such insights be utilized by us today? September Ego Images and Transcendence in Dreams: Ego Image shifts; complexes; archetypal manifestations, such as the Shadow and the Persona as well as Anima and Animus will be discussed. Chronologically the last, but spiritually one of the pre-eminent Gnostic teachers was Mani of Persia. His portrait-icon by J. Saether hangs in our sanctuary. Mani's Gnosis remained influential in Europe and Asia for over a thousand years. Regrettably his literary heritage is still neglected by much of scholarship.

Hoeller will review Mani's teachings, and share many singularly poetic and ecstatic prayers and hymns of this tradition. We shall also clear up some hostile propaganda about what is "Manichaean"! Available at the BC Recordings website. August 2: The Perennial Message of the Prophet Mani: The life and teachings of the Prophet Mani; his way of liberation, and the applicability of his message today. What is it that we need to be liberated from? What are the means of liberation?

Who was Mani in reality and who may be his analogue today? Vision of the Saviour; the promise of the joyous life; departure for the Fullness; the Lord of Light; the prayer that shows the face of God. Priscillian of Avila; were the Cathars disciples of Mani? The Scientific and Esoteric heritage of the greatest of the Alchemists: In our June series the limitations of time did not permit a sufficient treatment of the alchemical physician of the 16th Century, Paracelsus.

In these three lectures this omission is rectified through an elucidation of the medical, alchemical and occult teachings of the man who was called "The Swiss Hermes". These titles were also delivered previously and are available at the BC Recordings website. Are they applicable today? Paracelsus' effort was the first one combining physical, psychic and spiritual factors in medicine.

Alchemy and Entheogens. After concluding the experiences and the writing of the Red Book, C. Jung chose the archaic and abandoned art of Alchemy as the symbolic paradigm of individuation and he devoted several of his most profound works to this subject. Hoeller intends to give a series in the Fall on the text and images of the Alchemical codex of "Zosimos of Panopolis", the Hermetic-Gnostic Alchemist who chiefly inspired C. Two of these titles appear to be complimentary to our comprehensive collection on Alchemy at the BC Recordings website, and this message will be updated subsequently.

The elements and forces. The objective of Alchemy. Gerhardus Dorn and other great Alchemical Masters. Thomas Aquinas and the "Aurora Consurgens". Conventional religiosity has maintained that spiritual experiences were a gift of Divine Grace and Revelation. The ancient Gnosis, as fortified by the New Gnosis of C. Jung holds that the deific spirit indwelling the human psyche is creative and can draw on transcendental intelligence for its purposes. Hoeller explores the workings of such creativity. April lectures are available at the BC Recordings website, and May lectures are now merged with 20 others in the "Wisdom Literature through the Ages" set. April 5: Creative Imagination; its Nature and Function: Anciently seen as the source of Magic; later as the fountain of Art Virgil was called a Poet and a Magician and by Jung as the chief agent of individuation.

Available free at bcrecordings. May 3: W. Blavatsky; prophet of the Celtic Revival. May Louis Claude de St. May J. Imaginative myth-maker extraordinaire. Hoeller discusses the Four Functional Forms of the feminine psyche as given by Toni Wolff, a pioneering associate of C. These lectures include esoteric elements and "Red Book glimpses" not included in Dr. Hoeller's lectures on this subject in previous years. These recordings are available at the BC Recordings website. The Maternal Woman and her perennial significance. February The Amazon: The form most favored by modern and post-modern Feminists. Woman as fighter, activist and executive. Hoeller interprets a little-known treatise by Barbara Hannah, an important disciple of C. It was delivered in lecture form in on the occasion of the 80th Birthday of the foundress of jungian Psychology in the U.

Esther Harding and was never published. The content of this piece is highly unusual and unique. Detachment from the finite; entry into the infinite. The 21st day of this month was widely heralded as a time of the ending of the World, of the Age, or at least of the Mayan Calendar, if even that. We awaited the end of the World with some relevant talks leading up to it. For where the Beginning is there shall be the End also! December Mayan End of the World Party and Program: After some introductory remarks and appearance of the spirit of the Prophet Criswell, some unrestrained revelry celebrating the end of the world obtained.

December Annual Tarot Prognostication for the U. In this series, Dr. Hoeller sheds light on the Expansion of Consciousness as it is facilitated by various modalities available in our changing culture. An ancient saying declares: "Memento Mori Remember Death ". We shall contemplate mystical and Gnostic aspects of the mystery of transition. November Recognizing your Gnosis: Often we hear the plaintive cry "I follow my spiritual practices but I notice no change! Based on a personal revelatory experience of the speaker. Late in September , Prof. Karen King announced a new find; a fourth century Coptic papyrus fragment entitled by some "The Gospel of Jesus' Wife". Hoeller evaluates this material and amplifies it with cognate information from ancient as well as modern Gnostic sources.

October Mary Magdalene; the ongoing Mystery: How does the Gnostic teaching about the Divine Mystery relate to the ever re-appearing lesser mystery surrounding Mary Magdalene, and moreover how may we distinguish the real mystery from mere mystification? October The Feminine in C. How these figures relate to the Gnostic Feminine Image. In this brief series Dr. Hoeller reviews the role of Myth in the work of human transformation.

He uses the inspirer of the New School of Mythology, C. Jung, and two great mythologists, Eliade and Campbell to illustrate the transformative role and value of myth. The material presented here is mostly different from earlier lectures dealing with the topic of Myth. September 7: C. Jung, Master of the Great Myth: C. Jung inspired a new view of Mythology, but he also created a new myth, which may be called the Great Myth of the New Aion and its God. September Mircea Eliade, Master of the Sacred, and Joseph Campbell, American Master of Myth: Eliade, the Roumanian scholar and long-time professor of the University of Chicago has brought us a new view of the study of Religion in mythological terms.

This approach has been characterized as the nostalgia of the sacred. Campbell as the most lucid interpreter of Jung's approach to myth, and as the herald of the Troubadour and Grail era of the Mythic heritage of the West. Throughout the 20th Century, Depth Psychology with its branches; Psychoanalysis, Analytical Psychology, Psychosynthesis and others became the normative discipline of soul and mind. What were the origins of this discipline and what may be its future?

Psyche and Psychical Research. August Jung and Freud: Friends and Foes. The origins of Psychoanalysis; its connection with Hypnosis. The old and young prophet of Depth-Psychology: The convergence of their views and the parting of their ways. Occult Psychology and Psychological Occultism. Where does the Gnostic and Mystical Jung differ from from the occultists? Jung's transvaluation of mystico-magical disciplines, and its effect on the world of Depth Psychology.

Will this create a new paradigm replacing psychotherapy or will the paradigm bring its own therapeutic overtones? A series of talks that is of special interest in this portentous election year. July 6: Freemasonry, the Spiritual Patron of the U. The philosophy of Freemasonry. The Hiramic Legend. Martinism; its founders, revivers; Martinez de Pasqually, St. Martin and Papus. The Knight's Templar; their Masonic connection and their relevance today. Will the future of the U.

From Jung's shorter writings, Dr. Hoeller selected four very significant titles which merit consideration at this time. The material is evaluated in the light of insights from Jung's Red Book and related sources. June 1: The Symbolic Life: Jung's epochal lecture on the religious aspects of the psyche, evaluated in a contemporary context. June 8: The Psychology of the Spirit: Delivered as a lecture at one of the Eranos Conferences, this essay is a seminal work on the deeper aspects of Jung's Psychology. June Synchronicity: Entitled originally "Synchronicity, an a-causal Connecting Principle", this essay of Jung points to a mysterious and fascinating principle of psychic reality. These talks are designed to provide the inquirer with some keys to the interpretation of dreams.

Dreams are the relatives of visionary and Gnostic experiences, and thus of great interest to students of the spirit. The principles here are Jungian with Gnostic amplification.. May Dreams of Ego and Archetype: The dream content of personal and transpersonal messages. A brief, funny and thoughtful mystery play "A night with Judas Iscariot" performed by members of the Gnostic Center, written by the great scholar Marvin Meyer, introduced by Dr. Hoeller with an update of the very latest news about the Gospel of Judas. Recently, the publication of the book "Revelations; Visions, Prophecy and Politics in the Book of Revelation" by Elaine Pagels, arguably the best known scholar of matters Gnostic and of early Alternative Christianity attracted some considerable attention.

Hoeller evaluates some of Prof. April What is the "Apocalypse of John"? The most puzzling book of the Bible and its manifold interpretations. Roman politics, foretelling the future, or a metaphor for Kundalini symbolism? The Archetype of the Apocalypse as seen by Edward Edinger; which is the "momentous event of the coming of the Self into conscious realization", an earth-shaking event both in the life of the soul and of the culture. This nearly forgotten Gnostic scripture, also called "The Untitled Apocalypse", is found in the Bruce Codex discovered in It has only one translation March 9: Introducing The Gnosis of the Light: Commenting on the overall nature and structure of the scripture and the original translator's introduction.

The text is a visionary description of inner worlds, not unlike Jung's Red Book. March Creation and the Powers of Gnosis: The great conclusion of this scripture and the great concluding prayer of ecstasy. Was C. Jung a link in the Golden Chain of Wisdom? Hoeller will trace the major features of the tradition of Inner Wisdom in relation to their new articulation in psychological terms by C. February Hermetic Wisdom and the Teachings of C. Jung: The winged messenger of the Gods and Jung as his modern interpreter. February Jung as reviver of the Gnostic Tradition: Gnosis and its great relevance to the prophetic message of Jung. Two special lectures by Dr.

Hoeller in January Dr. Hoeller is currently engaged in writing his autobiography. He has been asked by many of you to reveal some portions of this material in lecture form, and he shares some of his personal reminiscences from his long career and speaks of some of his own "Memories, Dreams and Reflections". December 30, Dr. Audio recording with cards layout image are available for download at BC Recordings. California from the s into Los Angeles, the New Alexandria. Contacts with philosophers, Theosophists to Gurus and the like.

Gnostic Church and Gnostic Society. Glimpses of the possible future. Gnostic Psycho-biographical Glimpses of Dr. Jung Since the latter part of Dr. Hoeller elucidated the content of Jung's mysterious work, the Red Book. This time he reviews incidents of Jung's life and work, in part in the light of the long-secret revelations of Liber Novus Red Book. November Jung's Early Background: Family background, childhood and student years, including glimpses of his Zofingia lectures. November Spirits, Seership and the Youthful Dr.

Jung: Parapsychology, Occultism and his cousin Helene Preiswerk. The controversial Sabina Spielrein. Confrontation with the mystery; the Source Experience of all later writings and actions.

Soma Symbolism Analysis is Jung's position regarding the "God Soma Symbolism Analysis God"? Tolkien, the Magical Myth Maker of our Summary Of Rudyard Kiplings Short Story Mark Of The Beast The prophetic message and mission of the author and Soma Symbolism Analysis his work. Stands aren't Soma Symbolism Analysis on their own.

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