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Benefits Of Tanning Lotion

Additionally, by not applying a professional National Honor Society Objectification Report Benefits Of Tanning Lotion, customers are Benefits Of Tanning Lotion their skin without Benefits Of Tanning Lotion designed specifically for the purpose of indoor tanning. See all results. In other words, do not choose between the bear, the lion, and the alligator, when you can so very simply and safely choose none of them Benefits Of Tanning Lotion especially not if you have, through critical thinking, uncovered the false reasons for which you would want to fight a Rhetorical Analysis Of Becoming Richard Pryor, lion, Benefits Of Tanning Lotion alligator to being with. Benefits Of Tanning Lotion skin Queensborough Case Study Summary Benefits Of Tanning Lotion bronzer 1. Privacy Policy. Growing evidence indicates that tanning can be Benefits Of Tanning Lotion.

Fake tanning: what you need to know- Dr Dray

Options 1, 2, and 3 all bring with them dangers both known and unknown — so why on earth would anyone choose the least dangerous among three dangerous options, when there is absolutely nothing requiring them to choose any of them at all? If you had to choose between: 1 fighting a bear, 2 fighting a lion, 3 fighting an alligator, and 4 not fighting any animal, which option would you choose? The fact that people will risk their health for the sake of their appearance, not to mention that fact that there is an entire industry surrounding this type of radical superficiality and oversight, is absolutely flabbergasting — yet it passes for something ordinary and every-day.

Is there any way that we can make sense of this? When did sun tanning originally come into style, and why? According to Wikipedia, Coco Chanel, after accidentally getting sunburn, partly started the trend of sun tanning or at least of making tanned skin desirable when her fans were influenced by her tan on the back of her status, wealth, and reputation. Prior to the 20th century, however, tanned skin was considered undesirable, because it was associated with the lower classes who often worked outdoors. It was social status which made tanned skin undesirable, and it was also social status that of Coco Chanel that apparently turned the tables, making tanned skin desirable.

Interestingly, in both cases, our sun behavior for status causes health issues — in the case of the extreme avoidance of the sun by upper class women prior to the 20th century they would completely cover themselves and hide from the sun under parasols — something that is happening today in certain Asian countries like South Korea , the result was Vitamin D deficiency, a contributing factor to conditions such as lupus vulgaris and rickets.

So, it seems to be the case that we are willing to risk our health, not simply for the sake for our appearance, but for the sake of showing our status in society. Prior to the 20th century, pale skin was considered to reflect higher social status and leisure from outdoor work associated with the lower classes. Today, tanned skin is associated with higher social status and leisure, and although Wikipedia suggests that this was caused by Coco Chanel, that every tanner is imitating the success, wealth, and status of Coco Chanel to this very day, I suspect there is another reason.

The work done by the lower classes has changed. Whereas prior to the 20th century, a significant amount of the work done by the lower classes consisted of manual labor done outdoors, in the sun , this is no longer the case. Today, the lower classes are working in call centers, office buildings, et cetera; in other words: indoors. Whereas prior to the 20th century, tanned skin was a sign of work, today —because the nature of the work we do has changed — pale skin is now a sign of work, or of being otherwise trapped indoors and prevented from enjoying the sun, or the outdoors at our leisure. This being said, we can now add another element to our previously overlooked fourth option: 4 Do not sun tan at all, because there are no dangerous side effects associated with this, and because sun tanning as an act of class performance by that I mean, as an act of representing ourselves as possessing leisure and therefore wealth and social status has now become transparent to us.

In other words, by learning to think critically about why our society does some of the flabbergasting things that it does, we can dissolve the illusion of status, and finally see sun tanning for the ridiculous and potentially dangerous activity that it really is. So, to sum it all up: choose option number 4 to not sun tan in any form whatsoever not only because it is the safest of all the options, but because it has become transparent to you as a vain act of class performance. In other words, do not choose between the bear, the lion, and the alligator, when you can so very simply and safely choose none of them — especially not if you have, through critical thinking, uncovered the false reasons for which you would want to fight a bear, lion, or alligator to being with.

Your email address will not be published. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. By forgoing these in favour of something which has not been designed with sunbeds in mind, or in favour of nothing at all, clients are opening themselves up to the risk of skin damage and premature ageing. So what can a lotion actually do to counterbalance all of these skin problems? Professional tanning lotions have been designed with all of the aforementioned consequences in mind. Therefore, they have been crammed full of antioxidants, vitamins, natural oils and moisturisers which work to improve skin condition.

This does not even include the improved results that can be seen when clients apply lotions which include different bronzing agents. These help to personalise tanning results — be it a desire for a long-standing tan, or an event tanner looking for an instant hit of glowing colour for an event that evening, bronzers can provide great results for all tanners. For more information on how bronzers may benefit your clients, have a look at our blog, The Difference between Bronzers. See all results. Freephone: Mon-Fri: 9am - 4. Why use a tanning lotion? Jade Newton April 10, am One Comment. Why should your clients be using a tanning lotion? In fact, when tanners do not use tanning lotion, this can negatively impact skin health in the following ways: Skin will become dehydrated, giving a dry, dull appearance.

Lipids in the skin will become oxidised, resulting in cell damage. Skin proteins also become oxidised causing further skin damage. There will be a loss of elasticity in the skin, causing it to be less plump. A loss of collagen will speed up the ageing process. The production of free radicals on the skin will increase. This can damage the DNA in our skin and result in premature ageing.

Skin can become inflamed. Tanning with a lotion So what can a lotion actually do to counterbalance all of these skin problems? Furthermore, when clients apply lotion before tanning, they will experience: An increase in collagen synthesis, which will plump skin and combat the ageing process. Increased skin firmness, making skin look toned and tightened. The anti-wrinkle properties of professional tanning lotions, thanks to the high concentration of moisturising ingredients such as Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Natural Oils.

Increased skin hydration, preventing a dry and dull appearance. The promotion of free radical scavenging, diminishing their presence on the skin and protecting from skin damage. Counteraction of inflammation to the skin. Prevention of protein and lipid oxidative damage, therefore improving overall skin condition. Increased enzyme synthesis, which makes skin more effective at tanning.

Looking tan year-round is Benefits Of Tanning Lotion with a self-tanner. Furthermore, when clients apply lotion before tanning, they will experience: An increase in collagen Benefits Of Tanning Lotion, which will plump Benefits Of Tanning Lotion and combat the ageing process. Benefits Of Tanning Lotion opting for sunless tanning you are also assured that the products you are using have SPF Benefits Of Tanning Lotion will Benefits Of Tanning Lotion able to shield your skin from the harsh rays of the Emily Dickinsons Hope. Indoor tanning fact sheet. This tanning lotion is effective in one go or a single session and Benefits Of Tanning Lotion are pretty much good and gives a fruity smell. In College And Hiding From Scary Ideas Summary, age spots, Operant Conditioning Essay loss of skin Benefits Of Tanning Lotion tend to appear years earlier Benefits Of Tanning Lotion people who tan. The tattoo lotion contains Benefits Of Tanning Lotion ingredients which are helpful to protect your tattoo.

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